Recipe: Kind-of Korean Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings. Any sort of herby, citrusy or spicy marinade followed by a blast in the oven or BBQ and I’m happy. However, this particular marinade was so awesome I thought I’d share. It’s a magic combination of salty umami soybean, zingy ginger and spicy chilli paste. Continue reading


A one way journey with Kombucha

Kombucha – flavoured with lime, orange and ginger

You know that you’ve become a slightly-crazed hippyish hipster when you sprinkle chia seeds on everything, you start seriously considering making nettle tea and most of your conversations either involve wood sorrel or a “mother”.  When you give up well-paid and exhausting jobs in London to buy a small-holding in rural Northern Ireland (donkeys and chickens included) you know there is no turning back. Continue reading

Recipe: Lemon & Rosemary Cake

Lemon and rosemary are a Mediterranean match made in heaven and more commonly found in my kitchen alongside garlic and a shoulder of lamb. Recently I’ve been experimenting with using more herbs in desserts and cakes, I think they add a freshness and a surprising twist to classic pudding combinations, as well as helping to cut through the sugar. Continue reading

Recipe: Thai Sweetcorn Fritters

I’ve served these as canapés for a couple of recent supper clubs with Asian inspired menus. If you are making them for guests you can cook them in advance and then just gently reheat them in the oven. I like these with a bit of chilli heat so I suggest using an actual Thai brand of green curry paste such as Mae Ploy (supermarket brands don’t cut it with me) or better yet make your own paste.

Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day Supper Club @ the Skip Garden

We’re back in the Skip Garden at King’s Cross for a St Patrick’s Day feast vegetarian style. Using lots of seasonal produce this menu celebrates some of the best spring produce, we’ll be matching each course with a small glass of craft beer. Book here to come along to this event.

Here are the details:
The menu: A seasonal St Patrick’s Day feast, think celeriac, kale, freshly baked soda bread, colcannon, pearl barley, rhubarb and a few potatoes, of course!   Continue reading

Sketching Supper Club – Sunday 10 January

***** THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT (Sorry!) *****


An afternoon of sketching with food inspired by some of our favourite artists and art movements! This event will be held on Sunday 10 January at 2pm.

Here are the details:
The menu: An Artistic inspired feast. Journey from the Golden Age of the Dutch Masters to the brash eccentricity of the Pop Art Movement… Continue reading