About The Beer

Beer at our Supper Clubs

We tend to publish the menu in advance our supper clubs, along with suggested beer matches for each course. It’s a BYO supper club so if you want to drink, bring along a bottle or two of our suggested beers or something similar. If you’re looking for somewhere local to purchase an amazing selection of  beer then look no further than the Wansted Tap. If you’re a homebrewer yourself, why not bring along a bottle of that. (And if you like drinking wine – that’s allowed too!)

There is normally plenty of beer chat at our supper clubs and we serve a small taste of a selected beer with each course. Don’t be surprised if you leave knowing rather more about the brewing process than when you arrived.

Homebrewing at the Leystonstone Brewhouse

I brew with my little 40-pint homebrew kit a few times a month. I make all sorts of ale and the occasional lager. I’m always experimenting with new beer recipes. And I also like a bit of DIY – cobbling together bits of kit to make the brewing process more efficient. We’re not a commercial brewery (I don’t sell the beer) but there is too much for Erin and me to drink alone. I end up giving away most of it – brewing for friends’ parties, weddings and charity events. Any excuse for a brew!

Homebrew for Human Rights?

I like to use my brewing skills to raise money for a charity called the Kaleidoscope Trust. So, if I do a brew for someone and they insist on paying, I can happily point them towards my charity donation site.


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