About Us

About Erin


Hello, I’m Co-Director and ‘Head Chef’ at Leytonstone Brewhouse & Kitchen and one of the chefs at the Skip Garden Kitchen, an urban growing project, youth education charity and innovative vegetarian cafe in the heart of King’s Cross. I’m excited about local and home grown produce, cooking seasonally, fermenting (anything and everything), eating more vegetarian food and baking.

But how did I get into cooking? For almost as long as I can remember I’ve fantasised about doing the famous twelve-week cooking course at Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork.  So in January 2015 I packed my bags (chef’s whites and all), kissed my super-understanding wife Jo goodbye and headed off to live on an organic farm in rural Ireland and totally indulge myself by spending every day cooking, learning about ingredients and nerding out about food with 60 other like-minded individuals.

In a previous life I’ve organised business development and training for creatives, managed large events for the fashion and design industry and worked on the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

When I’m not cooking (or eating) I like to wear vintage dresses and red lipstick (even when I’m gardening), read novels, knit and travel to far flung places. Frida Kahlo is my hero.

About Jo

JoProfileI love beer. I love drinking beer, brewing beer, going to the pub, and talking about beer – and increasingly I love matching beer with the delicious food that Erin cooks. The beer world has gone crazy over the last few years with craft beer scenes developing almost everywhere and I’m enjoying every minute of it – from Ireland to London, the USA, Canada, Scotland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand – we’ve even found some start-up microbreweries in the most rural locations in Western China.

I’ve been brewing beer at home (and more recently in the brewshed in the garden) for over five years, making everything from continental-style wheat beers to hoppy American IPAs, and from sour raspberry lambics to traditional English bitters.

I’m a serial autodidact, beer and Excel geek, chef’s assistant, drummer, gardener and brewer. When I’m not brewing (or drinking) I like to sit in my pants and watch Buffy on TV or rearrange my sock drawer.  Occasionally Erin convinces me to quit my job and explore the world for a few months. I like that too.

About Gilbert & George


Gilbert and George are our beloved cats. They are big and ginger, and unlike their artistic name-sakes, they are brothers, not lovers!

They will be banished from the room during our supper clubs but be warned – if you are really allergic to cats our supper club may not be the right one for you.