Homebrew for Human Rights

I really love beer. I love drinking beer, talking about beer and making beer. But I tend to end up with quite a lot of spare homebrew. Too much beer! What a terrible problem to have!

I never sell my beer (I’d have to be a licenced brewery to do that) but it’s great to be able to brew for other people, as gifts, or for events or weddings. And sometimes, when someone wants some beer for a special events then I will happily supply them with a keg or crate in exchange for a donation to charity.

My chosen charity is called the Kaleidoscope Trust. It’s a UK based charity that raises awareness of the rights of LGBT people across the world. Currently in 78 countries across the world, laws exist that can be used to persecute people because of their sexual identity. In five of those, the maximum penalty is death. As a gay person living in London it’s hard to imagine that it could be illegal to be with the person I love more than anything.

By listening to the LGBT people affected and working in partnership with them to persuade public and political opinion of the case for an end to discrimination, the Kaleidoscope Trust aims to make meaningful change across the world.

I’m delighted that my little homebrewing projects could play a small part in such a great cause.

In 2016 I’m setting up a brand new JustGiving site to continue my fundraising. We’ve decided to donate all of the surplus from our first 10 supper clubs to the Kaleidoscope Trust (on the basis that all of our time spending planning, cooking and serving is for free!). That means that every single person who has attended one of our supper clubs to date has donated a good portion of the price they paid to my charity. Thank you to you all for your support.

And thank you to Erin. For always being there.


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