Cooking with Beer at The Joker

We had a fabulous time on Friday cooking for thirteen friendly souls at the first ever Connected Supper Club.  The event was held upstairs at The Joker of Penton Street in Islington, which looked really quaint and cosy as dusk fell and the room was illuminated by big church candles along the dining table and the mantelpiece.

For their Founders’ dinner we cooked a menu inspired by our love of beer, incorporating ale into a Stout Soda Bread to go with the starter, the main of braised chicken and fennel with tarragon & wheat beer and a porter chocolate brownie for dessert. We even made some beer caramel popcorn as a little takeaway for our guests at the end of the evening. I really enjoyed creating a whole menu themed around cooking with beer. It has definitely inspired me to do more, so keep an eye out for more beer-themed menus for our Leytonstone Brewhouse & Kitchen Supper Club.

Working with Simon Nash, the organiser of The Connected Supper Club, and the staff at The Joker of Penton Street, we matched each of our courses with a different beer. Thanks to Simon’s enthusiasm, and reminders throughout the evening about the next ale to order, many of the guests got into the spirit of the beer-matching. One guest commented that the dessert of ‘False Bottom Porter’ brownies with cherry ice cream and pistachio brittle was ‘extraordinarily delicious, especially when paired with the stout.’  Thanks for the lovely review!

We got a very nice email from Simon after the event, he said:

‘I cannot thank you enough for making my first event run so smoothly, the food was delicious, you went above and beyond at all times, and working together has been an absolute dream from beginning to end. You can shout that the rooftops as far as I’m concerned, you deserve every success in what you are doing.’

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Simon for choosing to work with us and for being a brilliant host, and to Arifa and the great staff at The Joker of Penton Street, for providing the room and for being so friendly and helpful.


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